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12% off now for all KIT4GAME members     [2014-05-23]
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5% extra gold for RS members in kit4game     [2013-04-14]
Lucky Draw for all members to win more on kit4game.com!     [2012-12-07]
Thanksgiving Day only:10% off in all products on kit4game     [2012-11-17]
RuneScape Evolution of Combat,up to 15% bonus on kit4game.com     [2012-11-09]
2012 Halloween,special and Most tempting     [2012-10-16]
Are you ready for RIFT 1.11’s arrival?-Helps from kit4game     [2012-10-20]
Enjoy 10% bonus for RS During National day Holidays     [2012-09-27]
Anniversary Celebration: 10%-20% Bonus for Rs currency in September     [2012-08-27]
Romantic promotions during Chinese Valentine's Day     [2012-08-15]
Sales Invitation : up to 20% bonus for Runescape!     [2012-07-26]
Members only: 5% off in price in whole July     [2012-06-25]
Weekend promotion: first come ,first saved     [2012-07-21]
5% off for members during whole July – First come, first saved     [2012-07-15]
10% off in RS currency for everyone!     [2012-07-13]
up to 10% bonus for RS currency     [2012-07-06]
Kit4game Festival Sales-Enjoy 8%-10% bonus for game currency!     [2012-06-11]
Only a week:Gain double points from 31th May     [2012-05-30]
Facebook Competition ends in a satisfactory way     [2012-06-01]
Surprise! 10% off and 10% bonus for Runescape!     [2012-04-15]
Ends Soon! 10% bonus For Everyone (Including You)     [2012-03-29]
2%-10% bonus in RS Gold for the coming Weekend.     [2012-03-22]
Double points for all orders from June 6 to June 30     [2015-06-08]

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