A Comprehensive Guide on How to Buy Wow Class Gold and its Variants


Buy D2R Items, Runes, WOW TBC Gold, and WOW Classic Gold Online

It is the era of digital games. An era that has just transformed the way people used to play online games. Games like Lost Ark, Diablo II: Resurrected, WoW Classic: Season of Mystery, and TBC Classic EU are so popular among adults and kids. Gaming enthusiasts are always eager to buy wow classic gold, currencies, items, etc. Kit4Game is the place from where they can buy game items, PowerLeveling, currencies, and more. This is the most comprehensive guide to help you understand how you can buy d2r items, currencies, and other stuff if you play these games. Moreover, we will also share all relevant and important information that gamers and buyers must know.
Buying Buy D2R Items, Runes, WOW TBC Gold, WOW Classic Gold, etc.
1. Lost Ark Gold
It is the currency that gamers use for the Lost Ark video game. Gamers can buy and use gold lost ark to improve their adventure while complementing the gameplay. Players don’t just need to buy gold lost ark, but a lot of gold to satisfy their gaming ambitions. You can gain gold by selling items, performing Void Dungeons, completing quests, etc.
To acquire the desired gold amount for the Lost Ark, players need to grind for many hours. This can be a very hectic thing for them. However, they can avoid grinding by considering the lost ark buy gold option. Various sellers offer lost ark gold for sale, but Kit4Game is the most reliable place that gamers can trust.
All you need is to visit Kit4Game.com where you can easily complete the lost ark gold buy task. Keep in mind that you need a secure place for buying gold for Lost Ark as well as MMO coins for other games. You must buy them legally and safely and this is what you can ensure by buying gold at the Kit4Games online.
Let’s check out the Lost Ark gold availability at Kit4Games for different regions:
US East Adrinne, Danube, Aldebaran, Azena, Zosma, Vykas, Una, Sasha, Regulus, Ladon, Kharmine, Karta, Galatur, Elzowin, Danube, Avesta
US West Akkan, Rohendel, Bergstrom, Shandi, Enviska, Valtan, Mari
EU Central Antares, Calvasus, Neria, Sirius, Trixion, Inanna, Nineveh, Slen, Wei, Beatrice, Kadan, Procyon, Thaemine, Zinnervale, Brelshaza, Mokoko, Sceptrum, Thirain
South America Agaton, Kazeros, Yorn, Arcturus, Kurzan, Feiton, Prideholme, Gienah, Vern
Europe West Moonkeep, Shadespire, Petrania, Stonehearth, Punika, Tortoyk, Rethramis, Tragon
Lost Art Items
You can also buy Lost Art items on Kit4Games. A whole lot of game items are available for players. The available items include combat supplies, adventure’s tom, gem, blind box, trader, pets, chest, skins, mount, enhancement materials, etc. Popular ones are as below:
●Cerberus Mystery Box * 5 (blind box): $75
●Platinum Mystery Box * 5 (blind box): $125
●(T1) Guardian Stone Fragment * 10000: $20
●(T1) Destruction Stone Fragment * 1000: $32
●(T1) Harmony Shard Pouch (L) * 20: $80
●(T1) Harmony Leapstons * 200: $50
●(T1) Star’s Breath * 500: $50
●(T2) Guardian Stone * 1000: $80
●(T2) Destruction Stone * 1000: $35
●(T2) Life Shard Pouch (L) * 100: $380
Apart from the above, many other items are also available. Those include, but are not limited to (T2) Caldarr Fusion Material * 500, (T2) Moon’s Breath, (T3) Solar Grace * 100, (T3) Solar Protection * 500, (T2) Level 3 Azure Gem * 10 (skills random), and (T3) Gem Chest (Lv. 1-2) * 100, etc. You can grab them all, including the gold lost ark on the Kit4Games website.
Lost Ark Power Leveling
You have got options, such as Powerleveling, Raid Powerleveling, and Skill Rune. Players can choose from any of their deals on their website to level up. Some of the most common power leveling options include:
●Powerleveling (1-50): 2 days and 20 hours
●Custom Item Level Order: 1 day and 1 hour
●Abyssal Dungeon – Demon Beast Canyon: 1 day
●Powerleveling (1-50) - Fast Speed: 1 day and 12 hours
●Abyssal Dungeon - Road of Lament: 1 day
●Will Upgrade Item Level from 0-302: 2 days
●1 Week Package: 7 days
●Conviction (Legendary) 1 day
●Judgment (Legendary): 2 days
●Focus (Legendary) - first: 10 days
Many other power leveling options are also available. Those include Tower of Shadows 1-50 (Ask for custom offers): 2 days, Bleed (Legendary): 3 days, Galewind (Epic) - first: 2 days, Quick Recharge (Epic): 2 days, Purify (Epic): 7 days, Chaos Dungeon * 2: 1 day, Hunting 1-30 Level: 3 days, Fishing 1-30 Level: 3 days, Lumbering 1-30 Level: 3 days, Mining 1-30 Level: 3 days, etc.
2. Diablo II: Resurrected (D2R) Items and Runes
D2R is Diablo II’s definitive re-mastering, including complete content from Diablo II’s four acts. Players can purchase these items from drops or NPCs from monsters killing and performing game quests. To advance in the game, you will require specific items. It is essential to know which items are worth taking.
Several valuable D2 Resurrected items are available, such as d2r runes, charms, Runewords, and many unique items. It is essential to know what items you require the most. Here are the most common D2R items that you must get to build up a perfect character.
D2R Unique Items: These are very rare armors or weapons required to level up a character. Unique items have special characteristics and abilities to improve your gameplay.
D2R Set Items: These are the items that players can collect in the set for achieving a very high level.
D2R Runewords: It is a critical methodology to enhance the power of an item beyond what runes themselves attain and can craft with runes.
D2R Runes: These are inscribed, small gems that players can use for explicit purposes. Players can insert them one by one into the armor socket for adding different properties to weapons or armor.
You can buy a complete range of d2r items on the Kit4Game website. The best thing about this online purchase is that it ensures instant delivery and trading will be 100% safe. Moreover, you can also buy D2R Gold, and Power Leveling services online. Items and Runes are available for PC, PS4/PS5, Switch, and Xbox-One/Xbox-Series.
For PC
There is an extensive list of runes that you can purchase at the Kit4Game website. Take a quick look at the most sought-after d2r runes below:
●1-EI - PC: $0.14
●2-EId - PC: $0.14
●3-Tir - PC: $0.14
●4-Nef - PC: $0.14
●5-Eth - PC: $0.14
●6-Ith - PC: $0.14
●7-Tal - PC: $0.14
●8-Ral - PC: $0.14
●9-Ort - PC: $0.14
●10-Thul - PC: $0.14
There is a list of the runes that you can go through and purchase on the Kit4Games website. Some of them include 11-Amn - PC, 12-Sol – PC, 13-Shael – PC, 14-Dol - PC, 15-Hel - PC, 16-Io - PC, 17-Lum - PC, 18-Ko - PC, 19-Fal - PC, and 20-Lem - PC. You can buy all these runes in multiple quantities.
For PS4/PS5
D2r runes are also available for both PS4 and PS5 players. Therefore, they can also find their desired runes in whatever quantity they want online. Let’s go through some of the most popular runes available for PS4 and PS5.
●1-EI - PS4/PS5: $0.14
●2-EId - PS4/PS5: $0.14
●3-Tir - PS4/PS5: $0.14
●4-Nef - PS4/PS5: $0.14
●5-Eth - PS4/PS5: $0.14
●6-Ith - PS4/PS5: $0.14
●7-Tal - PS4/PS5: $0.14
●8-Ral - PS4/PS5: $0.14
●9-Ort - PS4/PS5: $0.14
●10-Thul - PS4/PS5: $0.14
Moreover, you can also choose from many other runes on their website. Some of them include, 11-Amn - PS4/PS5, 12-Sol – PS4/PS5, 13-Shael – PS4/PS5, 14-Dol - PS4/PS5, 15-Hel - PS4/PS5, 16-Io - PS4/PS5, 17-Lum - PS4/PS5, 18-Ko - PS4/PS5, 19-Fal - PS4/PS5, and 20-Lem - PS4/PS5.
For Switch
Just like PC and PS4/PS5, players can also buy from so many D2r runes for Switch. From runes to unique items, jewel, charms, and crafted items, you can choose from an array of items for Switch. Here are the most sought-after things that you can get for Switch.
●1-EI - Switch: $0.14
●2-EId - Switch: $0.14
●3-Tir - Switch: $0.14
●4-Nef - Switch: $0.14
●5-Eth - Switch: $0.14
●6-Ith - Switch: $0.14
●7-Tal - Switch: $0.14
●8-Ral - Switch: $0.14
●9-Ort - Switch: $0.14
●10-Thul - Switch: $0.14
There is an extensive list of items that you can buy. For instance, you can buy 11-Amn - Switch, 12-Sol – Switch, 13-Shael – Switch, 14-Dol - Switch, 15-Hel - Switch, 16-Io - Switch, 17-Lum - Switch, 18-Ko - Switch, 19-Fal - Switch, and 20-Lem - Switch.
For Xbox-One/Xbox-Series
If you use Xbox-One or any other version to play Diablo II: Resurrected, you will find a range of Diablo 2R items. It means that Xbox-Series gamers can also choose from so many items. Here are the top items that are available on the Kit4Games website.
●1-EI - Switch: $0.14
●2-EId - Switch: $0.14
●3-Tir - Switch: $0.14
●4-Nef - Switch: $0.14
●5-Eth - Switch: $0.14
●6-Ith - Switch: $0.14
●7-Tal - Switch: $0.14
●8-Ral - Switch: $0.14
●9-Ort - Switch: $0.14
●10-Thul - Switch: $0.14
Apart from these, there are also so many items available to buy. Those include, but not limited to 11-Amn – Xbox-One/Xbox-Series, 12-Sol – Xbox-One/Xbox-Series, 13-Shael – Xbox-One/Xbox-Series, 14-Dol - Xbox-One/Xbox-Series, 15-Hel - Xbox-One/Xbox-Series, 16-Io - Xbox-One/Xbox-Series, 17-Lum - Xbox-One/Xbox-Series, 18-Ko - Xbox-One/Xbox-Series, 19-Fal - Xbox-One/Xbox-Series, and 20-Lem - Xbox-One/Xbox-Series.
3. WoW Classic Season of Mystery
WoW Classic: Season of Mystery is a special twelve-month competition season. It is a perfect thing for players in love with the original WoW Classic version. Season of Mystery Gold wow TBC is also called SoM gold. It is an essential thing to achieve success and power. With SoM gold, players can purchase any items or weapons they require for increasing core abilities. It also helps players make their character strong in the game.
To achieve a large SoM gold amount, players have to invest a lot of energy and time in farming. Those who don’t have much time can buy wow gold for sale TBC online on the official Kit4Game website. It means that players don’t need to spend energy and time in farming, avoiding a lot of hassle. There is a big stock of affordable SoM gold. You can get gold fast and all gold is 100% secure.
All available options include:
●Barman Shankar – Alliance
●Jom Gabbar – Alliance
●Lionheart –Alliance
●Barman Shankar – Horde
●Jom Gabbar – Horde
●Lionheart – Alliance
You can find details on the above on the official WoW Classic SOM Gold Season of Mystery Gold webpage.
4. EU WoW Classic: Season of Mystery
EU WoW Classic: Season of Mystery fans can also get SOM Gold EU on the official Kit4Game website. The store has everything players need to upgrade their gameplay. You can get virtual currency, boosting services, and items for your online game. All available options include:
●Bonescythe – Alliance
●Dreadnaught – Alliance
●Ironfoe – Alliance
●Kingsfall – Alliance
●Quel’Serrar – Alliance
●Bonescythe – Horde
●Dreadnaught – Horde
●Ironfoe – Horde
●Kingsfall – Horde
●Quel’Serrar – Horde
You can see the details about the above by visiting the official Cheap WoW Classic SOM Gold EU webpage.
5. TBC Classic EU
When it comes to TBC Classic EU, there is a very extensive range of options available for players. Therefore, players can get the best deal to level up in the game by choosing from an array of choices available on the Kit4Game official website. Take a closer look at the following information for a better picture.
A Amnennar TBC (FR) Alliance, Auberdine TBC (FR) – Alliance, Amnennar TBC (FR) Horde, Auberdine TBC (FR) – Horde, Ashbringer TBC (EU) – Horde, Ashbringer TBC (EU) – Alliance
B Bloodfang TBC (EU) – Horde, Bloodfang TBC (EU) – Alliance
C Celebras TBC (DE) – Horde, Celebras TBC (DE) – Alliance
D Dragonfang TBC (EU) – Alliance, Dreadmist TBC (EU) – Alliance, Dragonfang TBC (EU) – Horde, Dreadmist TBC (EU) – Horde, Dragon’s Call TBC (DE) – Horde, Dragon’s Call TBC (DE) – Alliance
E Earthshaker TBC (EU) – Alliance, Everlook TBC (DE) – Alliance, Earthshaker TBC (EU) – Horde, Everlook TBC (DE) – Horde,
F Finkle TBC(FR) – Alliance, Flamelash TBC(EU) – Alliance, Finkle TBC(FR) – Horde, Flamelash TBC(EU) – Horde, Firemaw TBC (EU) – Horde, Firemaw TBC (EU) – Alliance
G Gandling TBC (EU) – Alliance, Golemagg TBC (EU) – Alliance, Gandling TBC (EU) – Horde, Golemagg TBC (EU) – Horde, Gehennas TBC (EU) – Horde, Horde, Gehennas TBC (EU) – Alliance
H Heartstriker TBC (DE) – Horde, Heartstriker TBC (DE) – Alliance, Hydraxian Waterlords TBC (EU) – Horde, Hydraxian Waterlords TBC (EU) – Alliance
J Judgment TBC (EU) – Horde, Judgment TBC (EU) – Alliance
L Lakeshire TBC (DE) – Horde, Lakeshire TBC (DE) – Alliance, Lucifron TBC (DE) – Horde, Lucifron TBC (DE) – Alliance
M Mandokir TBC (ES) – Alliance, Mograine TBC (EU) – Alliance, Mandokir TBC (ES) – Horde, Mograine TBC (EU) – Horde, Mirage Raceway TBC (EU) – Horde, Mirage Raceway TBC (EU) – Alliance
N Nethergarde Keep TBC (EU) – Horde, Nethergarde Keep TBC (EU) – Alliance, Noggenfogger TBC (EU) – Horde, Noggenfogger TBC (EU) – Alliance
P Patchwerk TBC (DE) – Horde, Patchwerk TBC (DE) – Alliance, Pyrewood Village TBC (EU) – Horde, Pyrewood Village TBC (EU) – Alliance
R Razorfen TBC (DE) – Alliance, Rhok’delar TBC (EU) – Alliance, Razorfen TBC (DE) – Horde, Rhok’delar TBC (EU) – Horde, Razorgore TBC (EU) – Horde, Razorgore TBC (EU) – Alliance
S Shazzrah TBC (EU) – Alliance, Stonespine TBC (EU) – Alliance, Shazzrah TBC (EU) – Horde, Stonespine TBC (EU) – Horde, Skullflame TBC (EU) – Alliance, Sulfuron TBC (FR) – Alliance, Skullflame TBC (EU) – Horde, Sulfuron TBC (FR) – Horde
T Ten Storms TBC (EU) – Horde, Ten Storms TBC (EU) – Alliance, Transcendence TBC (DE) – Horde, Transcendence TBC (DE) – Alliance
V Venoxis TBC ( DE) – Horde, Venoxis TBC ( DE) – Alliance
Z Zandalar Tribe TBC (EU) – Horde, Zandalar Tribe TBC (EU) – Alliance
Kit4Game is the safest way to buy gold TBC classic online.
Buy Low-Price ESO Gold Online
The ESO (Elder Scrolls Online) is a single-player, award-winning online RPG set. Like many other MMO games, this one also uses its own game currency which is known as ESO gold. How to buy gold ESO online is not a complicated thing. All you need is to visit the Kit4Game website where players can purchase ESO gold and several other items.
Why this gold is crucial in the ESO game? With the ESO gold, players can get exceptional armors, crafted materials, and weapons. The ESO gameplay involves so many players, so you will require more gold for gaining a great advantage. Therefore, you must find the most reliable place to purchase ESO gold. But, buying ESO gold at low rates shouldn’t be your only concern. You must make sure that you are buying it from a reliable place like Kit4Game.
Take a look at the following details for a clear understanding:
P PC-Europe, PC-North America, PS4-Europe, PS4-North America
X X-box One0-Europe, Xbox One-North America
Here is why Kit4Game is the most trusted and reliable place to buy ESO, and wow TBC gold, etc.
Price is always a big concern when a player is looking for d2r items, d2r runes, wow TBC gold, ESO gold, etc. Kit4Game has a steady supply and huge stock for ESO items, power leveling, and gold for the customers. Usually, the price is cheaper than others, while the trust is always there.
Ultrafast Delivery
When you order ESO or other game currency or items, you will get them within just 30 minutes. Normally, players will receive whatever they purchase as fast as within just one minute. However, it may take some extra time if there is an unexpected situation. The best thing is that the Kit4Game customer service is always there to assist.
Safety Guarantee
Whether a player purchases ESO gold, gold lost ark, d2r runes, d2r items, or anything else, you will get a safety guarantee of all products. Moreover, players will also get the safety guarantee of their personal information and account. Therefore, buyers can stay relaxed because a safety guarantee ensures great peace of mind.
Round-The-Clock Live Chat
If purchasers have some questions, suggestions, or concerns about ESO gold or other products, they can get in touch with a customer service agent right away, anytime. The professional Kit4Game customer support is available round-the-clock.
Available Payment Methods to Buy MMO Gold, Items, and Power Leveling
To buy wow classic gold, d2r items, d2r runes, and wow TBC gold, etc., there are various payment methods available. Let’s take a look at the available payment methods that buyers can choose from to buy MMO gold or other items.
1. PayPal
PayPal is one of the most trusted and reliable online payment service providers. Buyers can use this payment method to receive and send money online. There are 100 million+ member accounts of PayPal in 190 regions and countries. This payment method is accepted at merchants both off and on eBay, everywhere.
PayPal has an industry-leading fraud prevention and security system. When using PayPal, the purchaser’s financial data is always safe.
●Send money or make purchases using PayPal – It is absolutely free
● Pay and shop easily by saving data with PayPal
●Millions of organizations accept PayPal across the world and it is eBay’s preferred payment methodology
Therefore, buyers can choose the PayPal payment method to buy d2r items, d2r runes, wow TBC gold, gold wow TBC, and other MMO gold.
2. Paysafecard
It is another trusted payment method that buyers can use for their MMO gold purchases at the Kit4Game. It is the world’s one of the most trusted prepaid online payment methods. Using this online payment method, buyers can safely and quickly pay for their purchases than using cash. There is no need for any credit card or bank account.
Paysafecard is an acceptable payment method across the globe at for many providers. People can use this payment method to pay for games, music, entertainment, films, social media, and several other industries.
A user simply needs to collect their Paysafecard from the nearest sales outlet. Then, they can pay online conveniently using their 16-digit PIN code. Users can also register for a Paysafecard account without paying anything – an online, personal payment account. It will help you know your PINs, letting you make payments more safely and easily with account username and PIN (password).
Here is how this payment method works:
1.Register for the free My Paysafecard account.
2.Top up the account using your Paysafecard PINs. You all Paysafecard PINs combined value will be available in the account.
3.Make payments even more safely and quickly using the account by entering the username and account password.
For more details, users can visit the official Paysafecard website.
3. Skrill
Skrill is another payment method available that you can use to receive and send money instantly, via email. You can use your debit/credit card to send money. Or, it is also possible to transfer money from and to a bank account. You can use this payment method whenever you wish to send or receive money from someone. You can send money to relatives, make online payments for auctions/purchases, and settle debt with friends.
Skrill allows businesses or consumers with email addresses to cost-effectively and securely get paid and pay globally quickly, in real-time.
●Send payments through email using your bank account or debit/credit card.
●Receive payments online.
●Perform online purchases
Kit4Game allows users to use the Skrill payment method to make payments and receive money securely and easily.
4. Maestro
The MasterCard’s product ‘Maestro Debit Card’ constitutes funds prepaid deposit that is very simple to access. It is fast and secure and a perfect way to make online purchases at the Kit4Game. The Maestro payment method is available for Austrian, Spanish, and UK customers only at the moment. When you select the Maestro Debit payment method, the money you choose is charged and accessed with the d2r items, wow TBC gold, gold lost ark, or other items you want to buy.
The transaction will occur instantly and there will be no further charges. You just need to verify your payment by sharing your PIN for personal identification. Prepaid and debit products are getting popular in the financial services field. They offer comprehensive and safe control over funds. Thousands of online stores are already accepting this type of payment method and thousands are joining this trend.
Zero additional transfers, high security, direct and fast payment; the benefits of Prepaid/Debit payment products are the reasons behind the popularity of the Maestro payment method. It is one of the leaders in prepaid payment and is largely popular in Europe. If you already use this payment method, you can consider it to make online purchases at the Kit4Game website.
Important Note: This payment method is available to only those who have selected the countries Spain, Austria, or the UK during the Kit4Game account registration. Therefore, you must keep this thing in mind when choosing this payment method.
5. Visa Debit/Delta
The core purpose of debit cards is that users make specific funds deposits that they can access easily. Practically, debit cards are the opposite of credit cards. Only UK customers can use their Visa Debit/Delta cards to make purchases at Kit4Game. The debit card’s funds deposit is made and the required amount is charged to complete the transaction. This transaction is free and immediate. It is verified through the e-identification via card PIN.
Because of the easy and reliable accessibility and great control of funds, prepaid/debit cards are rising in popularity in the financial services category. Today, more and more online shops and stores prefer this type of online payment methodology to buy wow classic gold and other MMO gold.
The main benefit behind using your Debit/Delta card to purchase lost ark gold, d2r items, and other things is the higher security level and direct and quick transaction. Moreover, there will also be no extra fees that you will be paying to make the purchase. These are the undeniable perks that make Debit/Delta cards so special when it comes to online payment methodologies.
Visa Debit/Delta is the leading product in prepaid payment solutions. Its only rival in the market is Maestro which is also acceptable at Kit4Game to purchase d2r runes, d2r items, and MMO gold. Visa Debit/Delta accepts so many major currencies across the globe. Prepaid and debit products are rising in popularity continually. They have become a safe and reliable way of performing online transactions.
Visa Debit/Delta cards will always be in high demand because of their convenience, security, and reliability. Therefore, Kit4Game allows its customers to make purchases through this payment method. However, only customers who chose the United Kingdom when registering the account can use this payment mode.
It is another reliable online payment option that Netherland customers can use. IDEAL permits direct online transactions from the bank accounts of its customers. They register thousands of transfers every year, currently in millions. Generally, IDEAL forwards customers to the internet banking system of banks where customers have their accounts.
Netherlands’s most popular and known banks, including Rabobank, ABN AMRO, and more allows for this online payment mode. It serves an extensive list of Dutch internet banking markets, allowing real-time merchants payments. They are known for their high security and sensitive information and data handling.
IDEAL covers the majority of internet payments across the Netherlands. People are accustomed to this option, so people in the Netherlands can buy gold lost ark, d2r runes, and d2r items using this payment method at the Kit4Game. IDEAL processes the payment through Skrill. One important thing to understand is that this payment method is viable only for those who chose the Netherlands when registering at the Kit4Game.
7. Alipay
Last but not the least; Alipay is another payment method that you can choose to pay for purchases online at Kit4Game. If none of the above payment methods are accessible, you can use Alipay to buy MMO gold, items, and power leveling products online. This payment method is preferred in more than 200 countries across the world to buy digital services and goods. You simply need to use a credit card to make online purchases at Kit4Game and several other online shops.
So, you have many choices when it comes to paying online for lost ark gold, runes, items, power leveling, and other MMO gold purchases. When making an online purchase, you must make sure that you are purchasing the right type of gold and/or items according to your game requirements.
Why Choose Kit4Game?
Safety Guarantee
For more than 8 years, Kit4Game is serving customers confidently and efficiently with all sorts of issues. They support various farming teams and have been working with many suppliers worldwide who are farming by hand. Customers can stay confident about the security and safety of the goods they purchase from them.
One Day Guarantee
There is an ample inventory from various suppliers around the globe. Kit4Game guarantees a rapid item delivery that helps them build great trust among their customers. Currently, there are 100,000+ loyal customers who repeatedly make purchases at Kit4Game.
Refund Policy
Kit4Game offers a 100% money-back guarantee to its customers. However, customers must cancel the order before it arrives at their location. Most reimbursements require 24 to 48 hours for processing. It is something that helps customers have faith in the Kit4Game services.
Best Prices
Customers are always concerned about prices, whenever they want to buy wow classic gold, d2r items, d2r runes, wow TBC gold, etc. Kit4Game has a very big stock that helps them keep prices at the lowest for customers. Therefore, you will find MMO gold, runes, and items at the best prices at Kit4Game.
Become a Member to Get Heavy Discounts
When you register as a member at Kit4Game, you will become eligible to enjoy many discount offers. To enjoy the Kit4Game member discount, you first need to sign up at their website by clicking the “Register” button. This button is available at the top-right side of their homepage. The discount rate that you receive depends on the Member Rank at the time you check out.

There are 5 different categories in which a member can fall according to their points. These are Lifetime Member, Platinum Member, Senior Member, and Junior Member. Take a look at the following table for a better understanding.
Member Rank Icon Color Points Rank Member Discount
Junior White 0≤ Points < 300 1%
Standard Member Green 300≤ Points < 800 2%
Senior Member Blue 800≤ Points < 1500 3%
Platinum Member Indigo 1500≤ Points < 3000 4%
Lifetime Member Orange Points > 3000 5%
Users can exchange their points for $5 to $30 cash coupons at the Points Mall. They can also use Kit4Game keys to open the chest for winning free gifts. Earning points is easy. After registering yourself at the Kit4Game, you will get 75 points straightaway. Every day you sign in, you will receive one point. If you sign in continuously for seven days without any break, you will get ten points.
It is possible to convert consumptions on the Kit4Game website into points. Your points will add automatically to the member account after finishing an order.
▪1 USD = 1.0 point
▪1 EUR = 1.2 points
▪1 GBP = 1.3 points
Before you place an order on the Kit4Game website, you must log in to your member account. If you don’t, you will not receive any points.
Frequently Asked Questions
Member System
1. Is It Necessary to Have the Member Account for Ordering at Kit4Game?
No, there is no need for the member account to order at Kit4Game.
2. Why Do I Need to Register as a Member?
There are multiple benefits of registering as a member at Kit4Game. Registered members can track their orders and also receive points after making purchases. Moreover, there are discounts and goods exchange offers that members can avail themselves of.
3. Why I Don’t Receive Points After Placing Orders at Kit4Game?
Multiple reasons can be behind this. First, you might not be logged in to your account when placing an order. Secondly, it is also a possibility that your order was not successfully completed. A successful order means that the user has received gold.
4. What are Member Cards?
Member cards are virtual cards having virtual memory. Every time a user orders something, the Kit4Game will charge a certain amount from the card to complete the purchase. Remember that members must log in to their account before completing an order. Kit4Game offers Member cards on their website for various events.
Gold Orders and Deliveries
1. What is the Order Delivery Time Frame?
Usually, it takes 10 to 30 minutes to complete the transaction if there is enough gold available in the stock. If Kit4Game needs to restock, it might take 12 to 24 hours. Mostly, it rests on the payment manner, amount of gold you order, and game server’s delivery condition.
2. How to Track the Order Status?
After submitting the order, you’ll receive a specific order number via email. All you need is this order number for tracking your order by contacting the live support that is available on the Kit4Game website. The customer support is available round-the-clock, so you can track the order anytime. Moreover, members can also track their orders from their accounts.
3. What to Do After Placing Orders with the Incorrect Character Name or Server?
If it happens, you should get in touch with the Kit4Game live chat agent that is available 24/7. Moreover, you can also send them an email stating your concern at [email protected] or [email protected] In the email, you should mention the email address that you used when ordering or the order number, correct character name, and server name. The support team will fix this issue on their end and confirm the delivery.
4. Why do I Need ID Confirm or Phone Confirm of the Purchase?
Kit4Game calls its customers to confirm their order information for ensuring that the information is not wrong. It helps ensure that the delivery will be smooth. For frequent orders and large orders (frequent orders are $150+ purchases within a month), Kit4Game will demand the customer’s copies of driver/ID license as well as Paypal receipt and payment card. This information is necessary to match the customer’s last four digits and name. It helps in securing transactions and information. All information Kit4Game requires is only to verify orders and you will not have to share it again.
5. Why Is There a Constant Change in the Currency Price?
Kit4Game adjusts the currency price as per the stock availability. It is necessary to ensure a competitive advantage over the rest. Additionally, the fall and rise of the price link to the demands and supply of each server and game.
6. Why Live Support Isn’t Responding?
The connection speed of the live chat support also relies on the Internet connection type you are using, ISP, and the particular time you are visiting the Kit4Game website. Those using a dial-up 56K modem will experience reduced speed. A few ISPs also go slower during peak time when there is congested internet traffic. When having difficulties with live support, you can get in touch with the Kit4Game support team via email.
Power Leveling
1. What about the Account Safety When Purchasing Power Leveling Services?
Kit4Game doesn’t leak customers’ account information. It is the professional Kit4Game staff doing the services of power leveling for you. The staff is experienced and well-trained to ensure that the customer account remains fine. However, as it is against the rules of the game, there is the slightest probability you may get punishment the developer of the game. This is something that we cannot avoid. We recommend you should change your account password after completing power leveling for your security.
2. Will Kit4Game Begin Performing Power Leveling Again? How to Check the Schedule of Power Leveling?
Power leveling begins immediately after Kit4Game confirms customer information. Kit4Game shares a mail for informing you about the order number. Customers can get in touch with our team anytime, anywhere at their convenience. They can use the live support feature for checking the status of their order using their order number.
However, because of some unforeseen reasons, like network issues, wring information given, or server downtime, this may take some additional time to get things forward. Under such conditions, Kit4Game will require your understatement and do their best for finishing the process as soon as possible.
3. When Kit4Game is Leveling a Character Up, Is That Possible to Keep Playing the Game?
Yes. Kit4Game can perform leveling, round-the-clock, and customize customers’ schedules in the part-time practice. You just need to contact Kit4Game via live support and tell your schedule before Kit4Game begins. While Kit4Game is leveling up a character, you must not log in to your member account.
You can notify Kit4Game via live support for logging out prior to playing the game. We suggest you only log in according to your particular time in case you chose the part-time service. Notifying Kit4Game before playing yourself is so important.
Payment Information
1. What are the Different Payment Methods that Kit4Game Accepts?
We have already mentioned all available payment methods that you can use to buy wow classic gold, d2r runes, wow TBC gold, d2r items, etc. Here are the different payment methods you can consider at the Kit4Game:
▪PayPal, Paysafe Card, Adyen
▪Credit Cards (MasterCard, Visa, American Express)
You can use any of the above-mentioned payment methods to make purchases at the Kit4Game.
2. How to Open a PayPal Account?
Today, PayPal is known as the most accepted and trusted e-payment service globally. It is known as the most reliable, safe, and instant method of transferring money between accounts across the world. You can sign up for the PayPal account on their website. They have a very simple and straightforward verification process. You can send money between your PayPal and bank account to start purchasing online goods and services at a different website, like Kit4Game, Amazon, eBay, etc.
Click the button ‘sign up’ that you can find on the top of the PayPal website to begin the account registration process. After that, follow simple registration steps to complete the process. PayPal’s system is user-friendly and helps you create your accounts easily.
3. What Are Pending e-Checks and Why You Have to Wait for Their Clearance?
Pending e-Checks are a payment option type available with PayPal. These checks are similar to writing normal checks, but electronically. Like a normal check, a pending e-check requires a couple of days for clearance, while PayPal service confirms the fund’s availability within the account of the sender.
After the clearance of the check, the money transfers to the account of Kit4Game. After that, the delivery will occur immediately thereafter.
4. How to Avoid Sending e-Checks?
E-Checks happen when payments are received from unverified accounts with insufficient PayPal account balance for covering the order cost. PayPal has to get in touch with the bank to confirm the fund’s availability, creating a 3-4 days delay. To avoid such issues, we recommend you complete the process of verification for the account. After that, ensure that adequate funds are available in PayPal prior to placing orders.
For payment type confirmation, you will find a text “Choose More Funding Options” before you place an order. Click this link to determine the selected payment option at the moment. You will also see all payment options that you can use as per your account.
5. How to Verify Your PayPal Account?
The process to verify your PayPal account is quite easy and simple. After creating a PayPal account, there will be an option you can use for acquiring verified status through completion of the process via your bank. Log in to the PayPal account and hit the “verify my account” option. After that, you will receive instructions from PayPal on what you should do next.
There will be a couple of small deposits by PayPal into your attached bank account. After that, they will ask you about the verification of the amount that has been deposited. After going through the bank records, you just have to provide your deposit amount into the query page of PayPal. This is how you can verify complete the account verification process.
6. How to Make a Purchase Using a Credit Card Instead of Using PayPal?
Kit4Game offers payment options via credit cards apart from PayPal. It is quite easy to use credit cards for placing orders. Once you complete your request to buy wow classic gold, d2r runes, d2r items, wow TBC gold, etc. you will get an option of paying with a credit card or PayPal account. You can select the credit card option to pay without using your PayPal account.
7. Where to Find Your Transaction ID?
Transaction IDs are used for describing PayPal payments. Whenever money is received or sent via PayPal, there will be a unique transaction ID assigned. These IDs are 16-digit long, containing both letters and numbers. PayPal account holders can log in to their account for reviewing the ID. Those who use credit cards will receive a confirmation email about the purchase.