Everything You Need to Know About Lost Ark

Everything You Need to Know About Lost Ark
Recently, the developers have launched a new MMORPG known as Lost Ark. Ever since its introduction; this game has been the talk of the town. Therefore, it is standing in the second place on the most played games list on Steam.
So, what is it about Lost Ark that it has even surpassed major titles like Dota 2 and CS: GO? How do you play it? What is it about Lost Ark buy gold? Let’s find it out in this guide.
A Brief Introduction to Lost Ark
Lost Ark is an online game that a South Korean developer developed which is an extremely good sign. That’s because the South Korean developers are already famous for their extraordinary skills in the development of MMORPG. Some successful examples in this regard are MapleStory and Black Desert.
However, when it comes to Lost Ark, it is a more complete game as compared to others. That’s because it successfully uses the PVP and PVE elements together. As a result, both the casual and competitive players will enjoy the game as there are different options to satisfy the base tastes of both players.
It is an isometric action RPG that is similar to a lot of Blizzard’s Diablo games. The only difference between the games is that the warriors are hotter and the spells are bigger. Moreover, you will also feel that everything is cranked up to 11.
Lost Ark is the perfect combination of the current MMORPGs as it utilizes all the best elements from them and merges them into a single project. Not only this, but it also gives you the option to select from different battle systems and sets of classes.
The game offers 15 playable cases out of which 6 are main classes and 9 include advanced sub-classes. You can also fight in the game with heavy artillery or you can also be a monster that shreds music.
All said, if you want to fully understand the game, you must play it yourselves. That’s because we cannot fully describe the video game experience through words. So, you must experience it by playing.
Different Currencies Used in Lost Ark
There is a wide range of currencies available in Lost Ark. You can acquire these currencies through in-game activities. However, some of them are only available through the in-client store. Other than that, there are some currencies that you can use to make purchases from other players out there in the game and then there are some that you can only purchase with real-world money. Some currencies are not currencies technically but still fall under the category of currencies in Lost Ark.
During your entire journey of the game, you will be converting multiple currencies while managing your inventory of stones, coins, and crystals. Even though it might seem overwhelming at first, you will learn it all with a bit of practice and experience. When you have played the game enough, you will realize that the conversion rate of the currencies of Lost Ark is not as complicated as you first thought it to be.
Let’s now check out some of the major currencies and coins that you will come across while playing Lost Ark.
Silver is the primary currency that you will encounter throughout your journey in Arkesia. You can use it to purchase different materials, travel from one place to another through Triports and Ocean Liners, and finalize deals with vendors. You can easily earn silver in large amounts by completing simple tasks such as completing quests, slaying monsters, and taking care of dungeons.
Next on our list is the gold currency. You can use it to buy different gears, consumables, and any other tradable item that another player is offering to sell. While you use silver to make deals with NPCs, you use gold to make transactions between different players. Earning gold in the game is extremely easy. You can do it by completing quests and raids along with completing weekly and daily Una tasks.
The main purpose of crystals is to buy in-game items available in the store. You can earn this currency by completing different in-game activities including quests and achievements. Not only this, but you can also purchase it from the store with the help of your gold or royal crystals.
4.Royal Crystals
You can only get royal crystals by making purchases through real-life money. You can use this currency to buy different convenience and cosmetic items including mounts, Crystalline Auras, and skins.
5.Phoenix Plumes
Even though phoenix plumes are not technically considered a currency, Lost Ark still classifies them as a currency in your inventory. With the help of this currency, you can resurrect instantly when your character dies in a battle. You can acquire phoenix plumes by completing different quests or through the in-game store.
6.Pirate Coins
The main purpose of the pirate coins is to buy materials so that you can upgrade your armada of ships. It is known as the most valuable currency in the entire game. You can obtain these coins by completing different quests on different islands found in the game.
7.Providence Stones
You use providence stones to purchase Rapport items in Luterra Castle. These stones are used to increase your Rapport rank among the NPCs of your choice. When you complete rare quests and defeat rare monsters, you are rewarded with providence stones in the game.
8.Sylmael Bloodstones
Earning sylmael bloodstones in Lost Ark is extremely easy. All you need to do is completely different activities for your guild and you will get the bloodstones. One of the great things about this currency is that you can convert it into different items or silver. What’s more, you can also use it to get Honing materials at the Royal Guard.
The main purpose of pheons is to buy rare and limited items in Lost Ark including consumables and gears. For those of you who do not know where to get consumables from, they are available at the Auction House. Whenever you buy a high-end item of gear through gold, you will sometimes require the assistance of Pheons to make the transaction as it depends on the quality of the gear that you intend to purchase.
10.Harmony Shards
Harmony shards are extremely important for the players who want to upgrade their gear. That’s because you cannot use the Honing system without a specific number of harmony shards present in your inventory. If you think obtaining this currency is extremely rare, this is not the case. You can easily acquire them through raids and dungeons. Thus, you can have thousands of harmony shards in your inventory at a single time.
Lost Ark Gold Buy Guide
Want to know what gold represents in Lost Ark and how to buy gold Lost Ark? Lost Ark is a free game that represents its currencies. While you can earn some currency primarily through in-game actions, you need to buy premium currency such as gold Lost Ark by using real money.
When it comes to gold in Lost Ark, it lies somewhere between the two options. It is one of the seven currencies that you can share between all the characters available on your player’s account. What’s more, it is not even limited to any specific server. While you can trade this currency between players, you also need it to feed into some of the systems present in the game. It is also a lot rarer than silver which is considered the main free currency in-game.
When you trade gold between different players, you need to pay a certain tax. The same is the case when you are buying or selling items in the auction house of the game. You can use gold in Lost Ark for a variety of things such as furnishing your private house or converting it into premium currencies like blue crystals.
How to Get Gold in Lost Ark?
You can acquire gold Lost Ark in many ways. Let’s check out some of them below.
There are some limited items that merchants sell in the auction house and they are extremely sought after. So, you can buy these items and flip them for a profit.
2.Crafting Items
Just like in the majority of the MMOs, you can craft different items and sell them. This can also be an incredibly good source of income.
3.Raids and Dungeons
Some Chaos Dungeons have secret rooms in them. You can easily find quite a lot of gold there too. Not only this but there is also another valuable loot present there. If the loot is not of any use to you, you can sell it in the auction house too. In addition to this, guardian raids also offer gold when you complete them for the first time.
When you build rapport with any NPC, you will get gold rewards of different amounts.
5.Gateway Maps
Gateway maps are connected to different Voyage Missions. When you complete a gateway map, you will get different gold rewards.
6.Adventure Islands
Adventure islands offer daily adventures that you can complete. When you complete an adventure, you get gold that is relative to your item level. However, it is worth noting that all adventure islands do not offer gold rewards to gamers.
7.Una Quests
The game offers daily and weekly quests to the gamers. When you complete these quests, you get net points that you can convert into tokens. You can use these tokens to buy items that are worthy of gold.
8.Real-World Money
Real-world money is the easiest method to buy gold Lost Ark. Want to know how to buy gold Lost Ark? To buy gold from real-world money, all you need to do is buy crystals from real-world money and get gold from them. Other than that, you can also get Gold Wow TBC and ESO Gold.
What Do You need to Know About Lost Ark Gold for Sale?
Want to know how to buy Lost Ark gold for sale? Well, you can obtain it by purchasing crystals from real-world money. Once you purchase the crystals, you can swap them for some gold. In addition to this, you can also Lost Ark buy gold through the purchase of different types of gaming gold such as WoW Gold and ESO Gold.
However, there are a few important things for you to remember before you buy the gold. The first thing is to stack more tokens than you usually do. That’s because it can help you make more profit than you usually do. The next important thing is to sell the goods as soon as possible.
Otherwise, they will lose their value quickly. The third and the most important tip is to buy the gold from the warehouse of other players who are quitting the game and need immediate cash for their investment.
In addition to this, if you are buying gold, then you need to ensure financial solidity too. For this reason, you must check the reputation of the seller and ensure whether their actions verify what they say. This will tell you if the seller is trustworthy or not. If you cannot find out, then you must not make the purchase.
Another important thing to find out is how the seller got the gold. That’s because the prices of precious metals can fluctuate a lot. So, it is better to be safe than sorry.
How to Buy WoW Gold for Sale TBC?
Also known as The Burning Crusade, the TBC is one of the first few expansions of WoW Classic which was first announced in 2005. However, it is still living up to its name. With the new expansion of WoW TBC, you can experience new roles and spells, collect new mounts, expand talent trees, and much more.
However, to gain the best possible experience, you need to acquire TBC Classic Gold first. But, make sure that you follow all the guidelines to the safest way to buy Gold TBC Classic. When you buy the gold, you can buy different items in Lost Ark that will help you progress in the game and save you time from trying to farm the gold yourself.
Here is how you can buy WoW gold for sale TBC:
1.Go through different offers available at WoW TBC Gold and select the one that interests you the most.
2.Select the specific amount of the TBC Gold that you are interested in buying.
3.Choose ‘Buy Now’ and proceed to make the payment. You can make the payment through different modes available on the website.
4.Once you register the payment, a chat box will appear. You can talk in detail with the seller through the chatbox.
5.The seller will instruct you on different ways on the safest way to buy gold TBC classic.
6.All you need to do is follow the instructions of the seller and you will receive your gold in no time.
7.Once you receive Gold WoW TBC, you must mark the order as ‘Received.’ Not only this, but you should also leave appropriate feedback behind.
How to Buy Gold Eso?
Want to know how to buy Gold Eso? For those of you who do not know what it is, Eso Gold is a currency that gaming enthusiasts receive by exploring different areas and executing different tasks. Having gold is extremely important for any player during gameplay. That’s because, you can utilize the gold to buy houses, motifs, potions, and new gears. Not only this, but you can also use it to assist your friends.
Even though there are different methods to acquire gold in Lost Ark and make it more enjoyable, it is hard for avid gamers to acquire gold immediately in the game. You need to form time-consuming strategies and whatnot. This is where Eso Gold can help you.
You can buy Eso Gold from different websites. But, make sure that the website you choose is authentic and not some sketchy site that is only interested in getting your bank details.
Some Important Tips for Playing Lost Ark
Now that you know everything about the currencies used in Lost Ark, you are ready to play the game. However, before you proceed, here are a few important tips for you to remember.
1.Save HP Potions by Using Healing Potions
One of the most important things to remember is that you should save as much HP potion as possible. Therefore, you must not drink it immediately. So, when you are hurt, you can use a healing potion instead. The healing potion heals a specific amount of points with time and they are bound by default to F1. When you save HP potions, you can even use them in raids. On the other hand, it is not possible to use healing potions in them. So, it is better to use an HP potion when you are hurt.
2.Spend the Respecs as They Are Free
Each time you level up in the game, you get skill points that you can distribute between your different abilities. If you are familiar with games with stingy respecs, you might think of saving them unless you decide on a build. However, when it comes to Lost Ark, you can use your skill points at any time, and that too for free. But, while you are at it, you must pay attention to the type of skills. That’s because some might result in more damage if you use them from the back or the front.
3.Treat Main Quests and Side Quests Equally
If you want to level up quickly in the game, then you must give 100% to the quests. When it comes to side quests, they only take a few minutes to complete and help in leveling up at the same rate as the main quest. So, it would be extremely foolish not to take them seriously and get benefits from them. What’s more, if you skip the side quests, your characters will remain under-leveled and as a result, the future quests will become more difficult than ever. For this reason, you must treat main quests and side quests equally.
4.Engage with Purpose
When you kill enemies in the game, you get an extremely small amount of experience points. When it comes to a dedicated player that kills every other opponent on the map, you might not even get a single experience level out of them. For this reason, you must not waste your time fighting extra enemies. That’s because the extra fights will only cause damage to the gears. Not only this, but they will also impact your health. So, you must spend this time learning about fishing or hunting down the creatures of your choice.
5.Do Not Use Feathers or Potions
The game has become so popular that the developers had to add extra servers to meet the demand of the players. As a thank-you gift, the players get some starting gifts like health potions and Phoenix Plumes. However, what the players fail to understand is that these gifts are deceptive and you must not use them at an early stage. But, there are some exceptions to this rule. For example, when you are in dungeons and facing tough bosses, it is better to use a potion instead of being defeated by them. But, in the majority of the cases, you should use them for late-game dungeons.
Final Words
We hope the above article answers all your queries and confusion about the Lost Ark game. Playing the game is extremely fun and you can use different currencies to level up in the game too. You cannot only earn different currencies such as gold but you can also Lost Ark Gold buy too.
However, make sure that you buy the gold from reliable sources and follow the necessary tips mentioned above to play the game. This will ensure that you get the most out of this multiplayer saga.